1. Hey Steventhusiasts! Check out reddit.com/r/iAmA Today, Aug 20 at 6PM est for a live Q&A with Steven Universe creator REBECCA SUGAR! Get the dope on SU and get hyped for new episodes!


  2. Confused about when to watch Steven Universe on your TV? 

    Ask yourself, “Is it 6:30?” If the answer is yes, TUNE INTO CARTOON NETWORK AND WATCH STEVEN UNIVERSE!!!!

    SU is now on TV at the same time every day. It can’t get much simpler than this! It makes too much sense!!!


  3. From prop designer Carly Monardo:

    Some long overdue #stevenuniverse fan art!


  4. From BG designer Emily Walus:

    A sampling of my favorites from the Foodiverse zine!


  5. From background designer and show-inspiration Steven Sugar:

    I did a variant cover for Steven Universe #1!




  7. Our intern Jackie Ferrentino is ready for our art show tonight!:

    My second piece for the  the Steven Universe/Adventure Time  at Gallery Nucleus ! The show starts tonight at 7, so If you’re in the LA area you should come say hello!


  8. From color stylist Jasmin Lai:

    Hey everyone, if you’re not doing anything this Saturday, you should come down to Gallery Nucleus for the Steven Universe/Adventure Time Exhibition at 7!


  9. Our comic has arrived on store shelves!!!!

    Face front, true Steven-believers! The Crewniverse bids you a happy NEW COMIC DAY! Presenting Steven Universe #1, Written and Illustrated by friends of the show Jeremy Sorese and Coleman Engle

    Pick your favorite variant cover(There are 4 available!!) and check out an awesome new adventure with Steven and the Gems! Marvel at the sweet inside front and back art by superstar Frans Boukas! Get pumped for amazing backup features, including a do-it-yourself recipe from Kali Ciesemier, a short “Gems just hanging out” story from Josceline Fenton and a brand-new Lars and Sadie strip by show storyboarder Raven M. Molisee

    Support your local comic shop- stop in and buy our comic today! If they don’t have it, be sure to ask if they can start ordering it. Don’t be shy! (Also available on Comixology if you’re into the paperless scene)


  10. From Steven Universe Intern Jackie Ferrentino:

    If you’re in LA this weekend, you should come hang out with me and a bunch of amazing artists at Gallery Nucleus for the Steven Universe/Adventure Time gallery show on August 9th!

    I made two pieces for the show. This one is inspired by Together Breakfast. I’ll be posting my other piece later this week.

    Also, Rebecca will be performing so it should be an extra wonderful time.