1. A selection of Character, Prop and Effect designs from the Steven Universe Episode: Mirror Gem

    Art Direction: Elle Michalka

    Lead Character Designer: Danny Hynes

    Character Designer: Colin Howard

    Prop Designer: Angie Wang

    Color: Tiffany Ford


  2. A selection of Backgrounds from the Steven Universe episode: Mirror Gem

    Art Direction: Elle Michalka

    Design: Steven Sugar, Emily Walus

    Paint: Amanda Winterstein, Jasmin Lai


  3. A comic from Storyboard Artist Lauren Zuke



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  5. From composers Aivi and Surasshu:

    A few tracks from Mirror Gem, Paul and Raven’s amazing episode. This is the show’s darkest set of songs so far! I recorded a special version of Lapis Lazuli’s theme for the crew blog.

    Strings performed by Jeff Ball and promo art by Paul Villeco!


  6. Mirror Gem favorite boards

    From Storyboard artist Paul Villeco:


    Some panels I did from one of the latest Steven Universe episodes, “Mirror Gem”, including some unseen, earlier Lapis stuff.

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  7. From Storyboard Artist Jeff Liu:

    Garnet roll from my boards for Ocean Gem! I’m glad I finally get to share this!


  8. From storyboarder Hilary Florido:

    Saw some old school ice skating manga so, naturally, ice skating Pearl is here.


  9. Updated Promo Art from Storyboarder Joe [the] Johnston:

    Um, so for obvious reasons, i couldn’t post the full version of the promo poster i did. Its so exciting to finally see these episodes air and for the fandom to see them. This really is the beginning of the show and its going places, just you wait!


  10. From creator and show runner Rebecca Sugar:

    A few of the boards I jumped in and did for Mirror Gem! My stuff is mixed in there toward the end, inside the incredible Lapis sequence boarded by Paul Villeco!